Two Sensory Voyager Machines as part of our Children’s Appeal

Project cost: £10,652.76

As part of our £1 million Children’s Appeal, two  Sensory Voyager machines funded by kind donations from three Preston-based businesses, including The Shepherd Street Trust and Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation, are helping to calm and distract children undergoing or awaiting treatment by diverting their attention through visual, sound, and touch-based stimulation activities.
The Sensory Voyager equipment provides a form of play therapy for infants, some of which will have complex needs, by encouraging learning and development of motor skills. The machine provides a little ‘light relief’ to children being treated on the Paediatrics Ward at Royal Preston Hospital, including those who require long-term admissions or palliative care.
For children who are confined to their bed, the Sensory Voyager is the perfect portable sensory trolley as it can be easily wheeled to a child’s beside and it can be easily cleaned between patients.
The Sensory Voyager offers a multisensory experience, featuring a built-in MP3 player, waterless bubble tube, UV fibre optic strands, and a projector wheel to produce lightning effects and images which help to distract children from interventions, audible alarms, and the general clinical atmosphere.