Microsystem Coaching Academy

Microsystem Coaching Academy 

Project cost: £29,800

The Microsystem Coaching Academy (MCA) provides staff with the skills to make local improvements within the organisation that have direct impacts on patient care and staff wellbeing.

The coaches teach staff ‘improvement science’; how to conduct more effective meetings and how to develop behaviours and habits that are consistent with continuous improvement.

Microsystem Coaching has so far taken place on six units at the Trust, reaching more than 70 staff members, including the Trusts’ Medical Assessment Units, Critical Care Unit, Paediatrics, and Theatres.

Some significant results of the coaching include the improvement of patient flow within the medical assessment units and the development of a new paediatric observation chart designed to improve safety within paediatric care.

The programme also encourages the involvement of patients, via interviews and case studies, so that staff can understand what their patients really value and can start to create a culture of patient-centred, continuous quality improvement.