Runners going over the Tyne Bridge at the Great North Run

Great North Run

11th September 2022

Where: Newcastle

Registration Fee: £30

Minimum Sponsorship Target: £300

Registration Deadline: 10am Monday July 18th

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We have limited charity places available for this year’s Great North Run, taking place on Sunday, 11th September 2022!

57,000 participants run between Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields in this iconic event which is 13.1 miles in distance. You could join them and be part of something really special. 🧡

There’s a £30 registration fee and £300 minimum sponsorship for our runners – raising important funds for our Children’s Appeal.

The deadline to fill the place is Monday, 18th July, so if you would like to take part in the world’s second biggest half marathon, then this could be your lucky opportunity! 🏃🏼‍♂️ 🙌

Nurse Alison Capstick took part in the event last year to raise funds for the Critical Care Unit at Royal Preston Hospital: 

“Since I was very young at school, I have always been a keen runner. It was not until I got into my late teens that I realised why I enjoyed it so much.

When I was running, I didn’t think about anything else, all of my stresses went away and I literally thought about nothing! When I get back from a run I couldn’t tell you a single thing I was thinking about whilst I was doing it, just simply enjoying it and taking in the atmosphere.

So, when the opportunity to do the Great North Run arose, I realised I could put my running enjoyment into achieving something and pushing me out of my comfort zone.

A half marathon isn’t an easy task and I wanted to get more than personal satisfaction out of this, so I decided to raise money for the Critical Care charity at Royal Preston Hospital, where I work.

 Over the last 18 months, the covid pandemic has turned our lives upside down. What used to be an intense but enjoyable place of work has become a haven for tired, burnt-out health care professionals who are desperate for some normality.

During the entire pandemic, I have had to take on a senior nurse’s role and manage a team, this gave me the confidence to apply for the sister’s post on the unit, to which I was granted.

This pedestal gave me a whole new degree of responsibility and respect that I had to work for to ensure I could be a good leader.

 I thought that there is no better opportunity to prove myself as a determined, ambitious individual out of work than to put myself through a challenge.

Whilst I was running, when my legs felt like giving up and I was on mile 10 when I thought I was on mile 11, I would think of what we have been through the last 18 months and tell myself that it is going to get easier, I can rest when I reach the end and it will all be worth it.

The Critical Care charity money that I raised will go towards funding additional equipment, family-friendly facilities for our patients’ relatives, and more national learning opportunities to enable our team to remain at the forefront of exceptional care and to continue to make our Critical Care Unit a positive place to work.

 This is more than just a medal, this is a sign of gratitude to all my friends and colleagues struggling with challenges ahead, pride in getting where we are today and faith that there is always an end in sight.”

Great North Run
Great North Run - Paula
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