When: 3rd July 2020



Take part in our Virtual Balloon Race for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Charity!

Join us this July for our very first virtual fundraising event! For just £3 a balloon you can design and compete in an eco-friendly virtual balloon race! From the comfort of your own home you could sail through the skies with friends, family and colleagues and raise important funds for your local Hospital Charity.

From each £3 balloon Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Charity will receive £2.37. The winner is the balloon that travels the furthest at the end of the 7 days.

How does it work?

When your balloon is released on Friday 3rd July, you can watch it sail through the skies for 7 days, and track its progress on Google Maps!

Each balloon is subject to a simulated flight pattern based on the actual weather conditions such as the wind speed and current temperature.

What could you win?

The three balloons which travel the furthest over the 7 day race will win one of the following fantastic prizes:

1st Prize – £500

2nd Prize- APPLE I PAD


How do I take part?

It is super easy and fun to take part in the virtual balloon race as it only takes a few steps but it is an opportunity to learn and teach geography, aerodynamics and put your design skills to the test.

To buy your balloon follow these simple steps:

1) Follow this LINK or click on the image:link to website

2) Click ‘Buy Balloons’

3) Sign in or create an account

4) Pick how many balloons you want to enter or give as a gift, Birthday present or just because you want to do something nice.

5) Now you can get creative! You design your balloon’s colour, pattern, helium contents and rubber thickness- make sure you label it too.

It’s as simple as that! You will then have entered balloons into the race in support of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Charity – Thank you so much!

CLICK HERE to take part in the event or for more information please contact our Charity team on 01772 528500 or e-mail charity@lthtr.nhs.uk